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 “When I was a little girl, I have dreamt of getting a big house for all the children who didn’t have a place to live. I would think they could come and live with me. I was a kid. As I got older, that dream kind of faded away, and I lost myself in the process. I have been a foster parent for almost 4 years.

The placement process for these children is getting worst. I had got word that some of the residential homes where being closed down. There where over 150,000 kids in foster care, and half of them are up for adoption. 39% of these children waiting to be adopted are African Americans.

I remember purchasingmy first modest swimsuit, and the feedback I got from it was remarkable. I heard many stories of struggle that some modest women, myself being one of them, have experienced when looking for a swimsuit. I decided to engage in the business and fix the problems in two ways. First, become the face of women who struggle as they look for a swimsuit that they feel comfortable in (the cover-up or with the cover-up). I love swimming, I am active, and I have an eye for fashion and modesty. Second is I will help the kids who are in the custody of the state. I love kids, and I feel obligated to help those who can’t help themselves.

I believe that being modest is something you have to grow up with. I see so many children outside and people at amusement parks all half naked. The little boys lust over their bodies, while the little girls grow up thinking that they should dress a certain way to be beautiful. As a teenager, I battled with being modest, and I believe that it stemmed from how I wasraised.

Staé Covered LLC was designed to give women the extra confidence they need to stae fit, feel beautiful, and become a good example to the youth. My company currently carries modest and activewear for women. This year, we will be launching our first male swimsuit and athletic suit.

We received a lot of feedback from men looking for swimwear. They are those who typically wouldn’t want to see a woman all covered up but love to support the brand as fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles, etc. Staé Covered LLC will help me reach my goal and follow my passion.

I strive to provide as many children as possible with a safe place where they can truly be a kid. 


Thanks to everyone who support my brand. I feel a sense of accomplishment in giving modest women that extra coverage they need in an effort to help our children.”

- Bahiyah Adderly, Owner